A Beginner’s Guide To Working With A General Contractor

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Renovations can be complex and challenging, and many homeowners prefer to leave the planning, preparation, and management of such projects to a professional. A general contractor is a construction professional who manages and oversees all aspects of a building project from start to finish.

To help you out and to give a basic understanding of the value we bring to construction projects, McKeen Construction has formulated a Beginner’s Guide to working with a general contractor. Here we’ll explore the steps you should follow and give you a heads-up on what to expect.

  • Before hiring a general contractor, it’s essential to assess the scope and complexity of your project.

For example, minor renovations may not require a general contractor and can be handled by a single tradesperson or professional, i.e., a plumber, painter, electrician, or drywaller. However, a large-scale construction or renovation project would benefit greatly from the expertise of a general contractor. Projects like a full-size Kitchen renovation, a main-floor, basement, or addition would be a fit for a General Contractor such as McKeen Construction.

  • Once you have determined that your project warrants the services of a general contractor, the next steps are fulfilled by a company like McKeen Construction!

At McKeen Construction, our goal is to exceed your expectations. When you choose us, we bring the most value in handling everything for you. Our team of professionals ensures top quality as we handle everything from permits, designing, hiring sub-trades, and managing all work until job completion. We are designed to be a “one-stop shop” from beginning to end for the entirety of your dream renovation.

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