The Role of Project Management, and why it’s a MUST for Large Renovations

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Starting a large-scale home renovation by yourself can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t completed one before. Whatever the project, your remodel will involve so many details it can easily become daunting.

Homeowners looking to transform their space who don’t want the hassle of managing their own large-scale renovation project can count on us at McKeen Construction to help reduce your stress level while keeping you on schedule. These two questions alone prove the worth of a proper Project Manager, dedicated solely to getting your project done right!

  1. Who’s going to do the work?
  2. While industry-specific sub-trades and reliable partners can be hard to find on your own, our partners and team of super-subs ensure that only the best are working on your renovation, and we sure know a lot of them! 
  3. When are they going to do the work?
  4. Having over twenty years of project management experience, we ensure scheduling is done proactively, efficiently, and in a way that makes the most sense to ensure the project is completed right and quickly! The process of running projects usually takes a full day’s work, and who has time for that? Leave it with us, and we can take the work and leave you with the WOW! 

Hire us to make sure your project remains on schedule, done correctly with certified and high-grade professionals, and save you the time you need to live your life! We will ensure we do our best to answer your questions and ease your doubts.

If you are looking for a general contractor in Fenwick, Ontario, reach out to us at McKeen Construction. We are a family business with deep roots in our community and faith. We pride ourselves on dealing with integrity and providing honest, upfront service to our clients. With over twenty years of construction and project management experience, “The McKeen Team” works directly with our clients to ensure exceptional service.

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