CJ Henry


CJ Henry

CJ has always had an interest in construction, even from a young boy. In 2012, CJ had the opportunity of a lifetime for decidedly pursuing a career in home renovation and construction. CJ was gifted a day on the set of HGTV's Leave It To Bryan and learned firsthand from Bryan Baeumler; sewing a seed in CJ that really set him on fire.

Taking his first real construction job in 2017, CJ worked alongside an experienced team of home builders in Niagara; giving him a true taste of what the industry had to offer.

In 2020, CJ graduated from Niagara College's Carpentry Renovation Technician CO-OP program. With an education and now 4 years working experience even before graduation, CJ joined McKeen Construction and is enthusiastic to grow with the team as he embarks on his career.

CJ is diligent with a strong work ethic and spirit of excellence in all that he does; whether on the job site or out on the golf course!